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Netball Tournament

On Tuesday 18th March, Ilsington netball teams went to Blackpool Primary School to play a tournament against lots of other schools. We had to battle through the rain and the wind but it all paid off at the end. We came second and were awarded a silver medal each. We were only 2 points away from coming first and getting a trophy! We won every game except two where we drew one and lost one. The team would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Young for organising this day and for coaching us, also a big thank you to Sarah for all her support and helping out on the day.

Gymnastics Competition

gymnastics 2014.png

On the 11th of March, after a lot of practice, Owlacombe’s A and B team finally got to present their gymnastics sequence. They went to SDCC and competed against lots of other schools. The teams started off with the vault. It was quite hard because it was a lot higher than the one they’d practiced on. Next was the main routine. Both teams were extremely good. Finally we found out the results. We found out that the recreational team (B team) were 5th and the competitive team (A team) were 2nd and will be performing again in the finals next Wednesday.

Body Language

On Tuesday 4th March Owlacombe class went to South Dartmoor to perform their extraordinary dance for their topic Jamaica. Owlacombe took part in two activities which included art and singing. We successfully performed our dance in front of over 300 people at top spec in both performances! We would like to thank Mrs Billington for creating this wonderful dance and making this day a day to remember.

By Lottie and Louie YR5


World Book day and Forest School

Next week Honeywell class will have forest school on World book day. Children in Honeywell may wish to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to dress as character you might find on a visit to the woods! This could be a wood land creature (Such as Scaredy Squirrel, Fantastic Mr Fox, or a Very Hungry Caterpillar) It could be a monster!

Fallen Tree

Fallen tree between Liverton & Old Liverton blocking the road, please use an alternative route to come up to school.

House Challenge

The House challenge for this week was a Middlecott football match. Bluebell Wood won, congratulations to Jim, Meirah, Tom, Beth and Faye for being part of the winning team!


School House Challenge

House Challenge 2014.png

This week’s School House Challenge was a Honeywell Football Match, won by Bluebell Wood team Meirah, Emi, Dylan, Jim & Matthew with a score of 6 goals. Well done to all the Honeywell children who represented their House, what an exiting lunchtime to watch!


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