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"To create a secure, happy learning environment where children are nurtured and inspired to become life-long learners"

Dartmoor 3 Ball

On 2nd July Owlacombe and Middlecott went to a Dartmoor 3 Ball Tournament. When we got there we got separated into 4 teams. There was an A team and  a B team for each class. We got to play lots of games and we all did super well! Well done to Middlecott A team for coming 2nd and Owlacombe A team for coming 3rd. Thank you to everyone for helping with this event.   By Sam W YR 6. Thank you to all the parents who provided transport and supported the teams.


Rounders Tournament

On the 17th of June Year 5/6 went to a rounders tournament. We sent two  teams: an A team and a B team. We played six matches all together and overall the B team came fifth. The A team came fourth out of ten. We all had a mega time.! By Owlacombe class.



On Tuesday Middlecott went down to the tennis courts to play tennis. We got taught by Ryan (Bovey Tennis Club coach) and this week we got the nets out and practiced with our hands, first throwing the ball over the net and letting it bounce once, then the other person catches it. We then did the same one person would throw you the ball and the other person would hit it! It was really fun. By Faye Kinsella YR 3



Athletics 2.png

Ilsington’s athletics team took part in a Quadkids Athletics Competition involving running 600 m, sprinting 75 m, a standing long jump and throwing a howler! They did amazingly well coming 2nd out of 9 teams, receiving a silver medal each, and just losing out by 1 point to Decoy!


Waste Audit

Waste Audit.png

On Wednesday 11th June 2014 Demelza a lady from Newton Abbot recycling centre, came in to talk to Owlacombe class about Recycling and carry out a waste audit. We learnt lots of interesting facts like...over 2 billion nappies go to the landfill site every day in the UK, and they take over 250 years to rot away. We hope to get much better at recycling waste in our school now. by Megan, Tabby & Ruby.




On Thursday some children from Middlecott went to a tennis tournament. The teams were Sarah (Team Captain) James, Will and Meirah. Faye (Team Captain) Jim, Scarlett and Willow. Hazel (Team Captain) Luis, Beth and Becky. We had to play tennis against other schools and each got to play 5 times. It was so fun! Unfortunately none of us made it to the semi final. We would like to say thank you to all the parents that helped. By Faye & Meirah YR 3.


Cycling Awards

On Friday 6th June Will Newton from British Cycling came to give us our medals from the competition that made us Devon champions. We got our picture taken for the Mid Devon Advertiser, and we all received a water bottle, certificate & wrist band. By Reuel & Louie YR 5.



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