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"To create a secure, happy learning environment where children are nurtured and inspired to become life-long learners"

Great excitement in Honeywell

This week we have started practising songs for our nativity performance ‘The Disgruntled Snowman’ auditions will be carried out next week for the main parts and the children would appreciate lots of help from people at home to help them learn their lines. I will let parents know as soon as possible about costumes. We are all looking forward to our performance on Wednesday 10th December at 2pm.



On Thursday 6th November Ilsington and Widecombe YR6 went to South Dartmoor to participate in a series of activities: Cooking, PE and DT. We started off with cooking. We had to make oat biscuits and smoothies. We used oats, sugar, flour, butter and some elbow grease!


Pizza Express trip!

On Wednesday 5th November, Middlecott went to Pizza Express! When we got to Exeter, we walked up an old cobbled road next to the poppy-covered cathedral. Then we jumped up the steps to Pizza Express! As soon as we got there, we got welcomed in and told about all the stuff we put in a pizza like tangy tomatoes, marvellous mozzarella, perky pepper and oregano. Then the chef softly sprinkled flour on our wooden tables and we stretched the dough out using our hands. Then we smothered the dough in tomato sauce and sprinkled it with mozzarella. Finally we cooked our delicious pizza.


'Peeling, grating, chopping, snipping and lots of tasting!! Just some of the activities Honeywell have enjoyed whilst preparing coleslaw, cous cous and last week fruit kebabs. This week we have described the taste of 6 different types of apple including a Bramley cooking apple which resulted in some wonderful facial expressions and fantastic adjectives.

'I like the taste of the pineapple, its sweet' Rowan

'It's a bit sour this grape' Maddie

'The strawberries are seedy' Jacob


School Games Mark

Many congratulations to all the children, staff, parents and coaches who have all supported Team Ilsington over the last school year. We are very proud to announce that Ilsington C of E Primary School has achieved the GOLD MARK AWARD this year from the Sainsbury’s School Games Team. Go Team Ilsington!


Dartmoor 3 Ball

On 2nd July Owlacombe and Middlecott went to a Dartmoor 3 Ball Tournament. When we got there we got separated into 4 teams. There was an A team and  a B team for each class. We got to play lots of games and we all did super well! Well done to Middlecott A team for coming 2nd and Owlacombe A team for coming 3rd. Thank you to everyone for helping with this event.   By Sam W YR 6. Thank you to all the parents who provided transport and supported the teams.


Rounders Tournament

On the 17th of June Year 5/6 went to a rounders tournament. We sent two  teams: an A team and a B team. We played six matches all together and overall the B team came fifth. The A team came fourth out of ten. We all had a mega time.! By Owlacombe class.


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